“Dove si incrociano le tue capacità e le necessità del mondo risiede la tua chiamata”


The idea of designing and create the SmartCity Corporation innovative start up  was born by carefully observing the generalized collective discomfort of contemporary cities, in which people are faced with all sorts of daily life difficulties and problems  because of the disharmonious functioning of the city which, constantly subjected to frenetic rhythms, operates in a dystonic and convulsive manner as it lacks systemic and methodological planning.

Today we talk about technology, innovation, transition, sustainability but how does all this relate to the territory and its urban – industrial model? The models are diversified by common ideas of a language which is still being defined. The wired infrastructural evolution calls into question the ancient equilibriums of the urban-architectural design system confronting new experimental dynamics of a highly scientific nature with algorithms that dictate completely virgin (innovative, unexplored, ) functional forms of territorial planning.

Thus, the city and the territory, according to the ancient philanthropic architectural dialogue, are rappresenting the well-being of man in the daily habitat, considering the sociological aspect a fundamental element not to be overlooked. Therefore, the issue of the digital dimension linked to the smart city urgently demands remedies that are necessary to smooth out the distortions that highlight the decompensated city in its genetic dynamism.

And it is precisely in the concept of genetics that the city must be reformulated in its genesis, observing with a critical – constructive spirit The City in its purest conceptual essence, returning its true spirit to the Polis in all relevant areas : cultural, social, economic, administrative, urban, environmental and much more; re-appropriating an ancient harmonic rhythm forgotten but which can be regained in the new Digital Age and in the ergonomics of metropolitan spaces, generating collective well-being.


Giulia Agrosì