Ognuno di noi ha una creatività innata
Ognuno di noi ha insito in sé quell’arte inespressa
E allora lasciamo che ci parli e che ciascuno  diventi il protagonista di questo nuovo palcoscenico  chiamato Smart City.
Giulia Agrosì

Project & Design

Smart city Corporation can be defined the source of a constant, coordinated and controlled action which creates and redesigns  the space time continuum of a new human dimension called Digital Era, through an experimental method that relies on collective intelligence to promote territorial  functioning in all its aspects.

Smart City Corporation creates the fourth dimension:  space is the  leading actor of architecture , an Urban Architecture made of constructive elements building the internal space where people move and live.

The key to understanding  space and its potential lies in the awareness of living a space in its deeepst meaning and respect enabling  you  to perceive it not just  inhabit it. Taking over space means being able to see it before you can live it. This is the key to understanding  space and its potential  in its deeepst meaning and inviolability.

Man, the undisputed protagonist, creates the fourth dimension  moving through time and giving  space his new Smartian Futurist Reality.

Within a Smart City project, the main purpose is the effective integration of physical, digital and human systems into the built environment to offer a sustainable, prosperous and supportive future to citizens. Therefore, in each project, the historical knowledge of the territory and its circumstances becomes essential for an optimal planning of the Smart city, because it determines the identification and definition of the “Smart” path that will materialize through solutions built according to new business logic, partnership, sustainability, inclusion and, ultimately, according to new ecosystem models.