“Il sapere di non sapere è la possibilità stessa di sapere.”

Giulia Agrosì


Smart City Corporation is an innovative start-up that organizes training programs in several digital fields:

  • Cyber security;
  • Use of new sensor technologies
  • Introduction to the management of digital platforms
  • Introduction to the processing of a Smart Room
  • Waste management
  • territory Government
  • Land use
  • Urban density services
  • Infrastructure
  • urban mobility Viability
  • Efficient networks
  • Integrated urban uses
  • Public spaces
  • Green infrastructure
  • System of public services
  • Basic service planning
  • Smart surveillance systems
  • Automated transport
  • Smart energy management systems
  • Smart Water distribution system
  • Urban security
  • Environmental monitoring

The application fields of exponential technologies in Smart Cities are many, therefore training in new digital technologies is the fundamental element of everyday life and becomes indispensable for a well functioning  city  primarily with regard to  e-governance and  e-democracy.

Info:  info@smartcitycorporation.it | info@smartcity corporation.eu | info@smartcitycorporation.com