Il nuovo dialogo filantropico è cablato da una nuova società smartiana.
Giulia Agrosì

Digital Platforms

Smart City Corporation builds and manages digital platforms for smart cities.

The digital platforms of the smart city host the smart rooms that manage all the operational phases in the various development and functioning sectors of a territory, which means acting in real time through decision – making processes that guarantee its correct functioning and safety.

In identifying the project proposals for the smart city, a fundamental step is therefore  the knowledge of the needs and resources of the territory. To start this phase it is necessary to define the reasons and the perspective from which we look at the city. 

The direct acquisition of data on the territory and their interpretation is an essential element in  urban systems in order  to have the right information and  identify the problems and needs of the city and of those who live there.

The smart city stakeholder  has  no longer only the  right to knowledge, but the right to participate and become a co-developer of transformation and a co-investor in projects and initiatives


The fields of application of exponential technologies in smart cities are many: intelligent surveillance, automated transport, smart energy management systems, water distribution, urban security and environmental monitoring and more. The reason why attention is being focused on this theme derives from the need to find efficient solutions to the macro trends that are destined to change the world in the next 20 years, strongly affecting the urban infrastructure.