“Prima viene il pensiero; poi l’organizzazione di quel pensiero in idee e progetti, poi la trasformazione di quei progetti in realtà. L’inizio, come puoi osservare, è nella tua immaginazione.”



SmartCity Corporation develops Road Maps for smart cities by analyzing the cities in their sustainability of the so-called ‘needs’ in view of project plans to be adopted to improve conditions and achieve the right balance between population and territory.

  • Connect all possible information in order to develop the city according to specific objectives, it being understood that the information collected on the territory will give rise to a new list of needs that will emerge during the work and that the citizen will manifest during the interviews.
  • Creation of a strategic action plan: the creation of a strategic plan with actions to be adopted together with a roadmap to outline all the points that will have to be developed according to the needs manifested during the interviews and inspections.