• SmartCity & Metaverse

    SmartCity & Metaverse

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the concept of the Smart City, a term that originated in Anglo-American literature in 2008 and has given rise to […]

  • The Smart City and the Comfortable City

    “The Smart City and the Comfortable City” is a technical-scientific book that describes a new reality in the digital age, based on the functioning of urban and environmental nerve centres […]

  • Ecological transition, e-democracy and Smart City. Why?

    Bellezze d’Italia Transizione ecologica, e-democracy e Smart City. Perché? Di Giulia Agrosi -18/02/2021 Negli ultimi anni si sente sempre più parlare di Smart City, ma cosa significa? La Smart City nella sua accezione terminologica, […]