“La scienza di oggi è la tecnologia di domani.”
Edward Teller

Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence

Smart City Corporation manages IoT Smart Rooms, sensor installations and all sensor equipment maintenance with AI systems.

Internet of Things is a sensor-based technology that allows for constant connectivity in all possible sectors and has the ability to record, transmit and process data.

The large-scale application of IoT in smart cities facilitates and economizes the general management of the city; furthermore, automating the collection of significant data accelerates the ‘decision making’ processes for the improvement of urban functioning.

AI Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence defines the ability of a technological system capable of solving problems or carrying out tasks and activities until recently run by man. In practice, with technology it is possible to create systems capable of “acting” autonomously to solve problems, carry out actions, and more. This possibility is given by the technological maturity achieved both in computational calculation and in the ability to analyze in real time and in a short time – huge amounts of data of any form (Analytics).